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|| HXGN-15 Fixed AC Metal Closed SF6 Ring Net Switchgear
HXGN-15 Fixed AC Metal Closed SF6 Ring Net Switchgear (ring network cabinet for short) applied in ring network, 7.2~24KV rated voltage, below 630A rated current, for supplying electricity or radiate electricity supply system, especially fit for installing in preinstalled substation as power system control and protection. The product installed insulated shell FLN-12D sulfur hexafluoride load switch or FLR-12D load switch-fuse electric apparatus. It features small volume, light weight, simple operation, light operating force, reliable chaining, free maintenance. It is new generation high voltage switchgear that needed in city electricity network alternation and construction. The product accords with GB3906, IEC60298 standards.

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